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Magic 8-Ball – Delta-8 THC Flower Review

Magic 8-Ball – Delta-8 THC Infused Premium Hemp Flower

So, when you think about a Magic 8-Ball, you’re probably reminded of those quirky “fortune-telling” trending toys of the late 70s. Truth is that this Magic 8-Ball won’t be telling any fortunes for you, but if it could predict one thing that is most certainly true, it would be that you will feel amazing once you try Magic 8-Ball CBD Hemp infused Delta-8 THC flower from the Bud Vault. Magic 8-Ball Delta-8 Hemp flower starts with some amazing quality CBD Hemp, and then it is infused with hemp derived Delta-8 THC oils. This combination truly brings out the best of both worlds in one amazing package. Never has Hemp smelled, tasted or looked so good.

The smell is so deep and intense even before you open the jar. It has a nice, strong and skunk scent, with some nice hits of subtle sweetness at the bottom of the spectrum. These nugs are large, and very tightly packed with beautiful swirls of dark and light colors through-out them. The nugs themselves are heavy too, and feel much more dense than most traditional hemp flowers. This is partly due in fact in part that the nugs are coated in Delta-8 THC oils, but it really adds to the overall appeal both in the jar and out of it. This is a true connoisseur choice flower, and has all the trimmings to boot. This is a strong flower for sure, so make sure you try a little dose before diving right in.

Breaking open the nugs only makes the smells stronger, and ensures that it’s intoxicating aroma swirls around the room, sweet delicious and pungent skunky and cheesy scents followed-up with some light haze and undertone notes of gas and even some kush notes too. This flower has it all, truly from trim to bag appeal, and overall break-down, this is a perfect hemp flower for the new smoker, and the veteran alike. Take care to make sure you close all the windows and doors as this Hemp flower really smells and smokes like the “real-deal”.

Once you pack this sweet herb into your favorite piece or paper, whether you choose to or smoke it, this will take you away – for sure! Magic 8-Ball has a fantastic relaxing feeling when used, and without the annoying paranoia or anxiety. While most CBD Hemp has its own natural ability to work with your Endocannabinoid system in ways that can soothe and relax, decrease etc., the combination of this premium top-shelf Hemp flower and Delta-8 THC really make this a powerhouse in terms of long term and short term body and head effects. Much like magic itself, this herb will have you chilling out to your favorite film, getting those chores done, maybe some homework or studying, whatever you need to get done Magic 8-Ball Delta-8 Hemp will surely lift you up and take you there.

This premium top-shelf CBD Hemp flower delivers some intense body and mind mending properties such as fighting, anti-inflammatory properties for arthritis and joint pain, CBD  hemp can also aid in sleep, insomnia, paranoia, anxiety, stomach pains, and chronic pains too.

Even though Magic 8-Ball from the Bud Vault is a great anytime smoke, it can help those having some trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, as it has a heavy relaxing sensation that flows over your entire body and mind. This feeling lasts quite a while so it’s usually enough to get you straight to sleep, or at least enough to help you stop worrying about things at night as it clears your head of anxiety.

Much like CBD, Delta-8 THC is derived from Hemp, so this flower packs both the power of CBD compounds and the wondrous extract Delta-8 THC, which on it’s own can do some amazing things too. All of the Bud Vaults oils and flowers are premium quality and some of the best available. Of course Hemp flowers can be used in more ways than just smoke or too, so don’t forget these beauties can be crafted into your favorite edible or even teas and such. Just keep in mind dosing with edibles is a bit trickier so always try a little bit and see how it works for you. You can always eat or take more, but it’s a much slower process waiting for the effects to wear off.

What is Delta-8 you might ask? Simply put, Hemp derived Delta-8 THC is incredibly close to Delta-9 THC but with some slight differences in the way it interacts with you, your Endocannabinoid system and can have far less side-effects too. Delta-8 THC being an analogue of Delta-9, gives it most of the same medical and recreational attributes as Delta-9 THC, but with almost none of the unwanted side-effects most commonly associated with Delta-9 like paranoia, dry-mouth, fatigue, and anxiety.

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3 thoughts on “Magic 8-Ball – Delta-8 THC Flower Review

  1. Amy Bizjak says:

    This bud is awesome! I would highly recommend the Magic 8 Ball strain! The watermelon gummies are awesome too! I would recommend taking only 1 for newbies 😉

  2. Great bud 👍 enjoying it alot!

  3. Teresa A says:

    My migraines were out of control till I tried your watermelon rush delta 8 thank you guys im feeling more like I can function . I also broke a bone in my elbow abd the dr couldnt see me till march 8 so the gummies came in handy my bone was giving me horrible but when the gummie kicked in I felt like I could sleep. Thank You for your product.

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