1000mg Tinctures : Delta-8 THC

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These Delta-8 THC tinctures deliver fast-acting results. Choose mint “Mind Release” for day. Then natural “Comfy Numb” for the perfect night relaxation.
Mind Release
Comfy Numb
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Brimming with robust terpene profiles and cannabinoids, these specially crafted blend tinctures are equal parts tasty and potent. Feel the effects kick in within minutes of consumption thanks to quick sublingual activation, and allow the Delta-8 to work its magic in your bloodstream as you kick back, relax, and invite in warm and fuzzy vibes for hours to come.

Delta-8 THC Tinctures

Mind Release

It’s time to inject some real life magic into your day with this “anytime” blend of potent and pure Delta-8 THC. This leaning favorite is loaded with enchanting effects, and just one dose is enough to make you an unstoppable powerhouse for hours to come. Deeply calming while still providing a mellow stream of energy, this flexible tincture can be enjoyed on the couch or on the go, depending on what your day holds.

Comfy Numb

This potent and specialized terpene rich Delta-8 THC blend is overflowing with tantalizing aromas, and thanks to a bounty of soothing terpenes derived from some of our favorite calm and cozy purple strains – it’s impossible to go wrong with in your corner. Prepare for mind and body lift-off within 20 minutes of consumption, and settle in for deep relaxation and a joyful state of mind that sticks around long after your last dose.

How Much Delta-8 Oil Do I Take?

This formula is completely customizable, making it the easy choice for those seeking a precise and dependable consumption method.

While a full dose (1mL) delivers a hefty 33mg dose of pure Delta-8 magic, the convenient dropper allows you to dose up or dose down – depending on your individual needs. For newer Delta-8 users, we recommend beginning with a 15mg (or half a dropper) until you are more familiar with how your body responds to Delta-8 THC effects.

Serving Size: 33mg Delta-8 THC per mL (or 1 full dropper)
Recommended to not exceed one dose (1mL, or 1 dropper full).


  • Do not use this product in any manner not recommended by a doctor.
  • Do not use if you are undergoing drug tests of any kind, as the compounds in Delta 8 are not differentiated from Delta 9 in most current drug tests.
  • Delta-8 may affect blood pressure, heart rate, and ocular pressure in some users, os if you have a history of heart issues, blood pressure, eye pressure, or any related and similar conditions, please do not use this product unless advised to do so by a doctor.
  • Our product is derived from federally legal hemp and is 2018 Farm Bill Compliant as it contains less <0.3 Delta-9 THC. State laws and regulations may vary, so please be sure to check your local rules before purchasing, as BudVault is not responsible for knowing whether or not Delta-8 is legal in your specific territory or state. By ordering this product you assume full responsibility for complying with your local laws regarding any purchase you make.
  • Store in a cool, dry, place in an upright position.  

8 reviews for 1000mg Tinctures

  1. Don G.

    Love this stuff. Worked so well I couldn’t believe it, highly recommend these drops!

  2. Steve

    Very impressed with these d-8 oils, they are very potent and seem to kick in faster than edibles (in my opinion) and feels cleaner and stronger.

  3. Dianna M.

    Made me super comfortable within like 30 minutes and lasted through the night. 2 thumbs up!

  4. Jessa P.

    Soooo happy budvault started carrying a delta 8 tincture! Did not disappoint! THANK YOU!

  5. Bill V.

    Very fast shipping, i was surprised and delighted when my order showed up within a few days of placing it! Tried comfy numb last nigh and it was truly superb, can’t wait to try again.

  6. Suzy (verified owner)

    When I was reading these reviews I first thought they were too good to be true until I got my Mind Release tincture and tried it out. I’m here to tell you it’s the real deal and please don’t overdo it. Start out with an eyedropper full and see how that makes you feel and then dose up if needed. I thought it wasn’t working at first so I took more and OMG.

  7. Ken mccann (verified owner)

    I have ordered from this company three times the product is always excellent and the shipping is very fast and lastly the price is more than fair it’s not even worth looking around anywhere else.

  8. Trevor Destepheno

    really brought me relief. The dropper gives the perfect dose as well.

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