Karmic Release : Hemp Flower

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This top shelf strain is a dynamic blend of mind-expanding and grounding, delivering relief you can feel in mind, body, and spirit.

4g (Big 1/8th)
7g (1/4oz)
14g (1/2oz)
28g (1oz)
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If you want to grow your mind, you first must set it free. Expand your consciousness as your body melts into a state of pure relaxation, restoring perfect balance you can feel inside and out.

Hemp Flower US Federal Farm Bill Compliant < 0.3% Δ-9 THC COA

Bud Appearance: These gorgeous nugs are ready for their close-up, and with their dark purple leaves and large green buds, this knockout strain is sure to deliver. Not only are these buds the gold standard of beauty, but the abundance of crystals adorning this stunning flower make it an absolute sight to behold.

Strain Profile: Allow every inch of your being to breath in this strain’s pure calming light. Then exhale, releasing all the tension and stress from your mind and body as you drift away into the transcendental space this multifunctional strain is known to deliver.

Flavor Profile: This exotic flower is an aromatic delight. Each bud is swirling in a flavorful blend of spiced and earthy flavors, bringing perfect balance to the sweet strain’s unmistakable fruity nose. Hints of coffee pop out as you break the big nugs open, delivering a unique and pleasant flavor with every relaxing pull.

8 reviews for Karmic Release

  1. Jared D.

    This is the flower I like the most, these bud are so beautiful and smell like heaven.

  2. S.S.

    The effect of this one lasts for hours, I highly recommend!!

  3. Quinn G.

    I got some perfect cute flower buds and makes me feel calm.

  4. Laura K.

    I like the smooth effect it gives me. I prepare it in the afternoon and have a chill time.

  5. Mark L.

    The packaging is nice but the buds are awesome! I love this website, always new products coming out with great deals.

  6. Jeremy

    I love puffing this one at night while watching a movie and unwinding from a long day. Usually my feet hurt from standing so much but this one takes the stress and aches away. I’m grateful for you guys.

  7. Casey

    Karmic release definitely releases all the negative energy from my body like stress, pain, anxiety, racing thoughts and just lets me feel good.

  8. The Durhams

    We are definitely buying more karmic release buds. It says it in the name…Release. It lets me release the tension and stuck or toxic energy from my body and mind.

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