Northern Legend : Delta-8 THC Flower

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Experience absolute mental bliss as physical discomforts melt away.

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This aromatic strain is famous for it’s high concentration of both cannabinoids and terpenes, making it a popular favorite for those seeking a potent and flavorful bud. These beautiful nugs are drenched in crystals, with tiny orange hairs peeking out of its signature lime green leaves.

US Federal Farm Bill Compliant < 0.3% Δ-9 THC

Flavor Profile: When it comes to packing a punch of flavor, Northern Legend definitely takes the cake. Aromas of grass, exotic fruit, and skunk burst out of these complex nugs, releasing waves of flavor the second you open the bag.

Strain Profile: Relaxing, uplifting, and mentally energizing, this strain is top choice for those seeking a long-lasting creative mood boost to get through their day.

Bud Appearance: Tightly manicured with very few leaves or stems, this bud’s deep olive hue is offset beautifully by its signature dark color threads.


  • Do not use this product in any manner not recommended by a doctor.
  • Do not use if you are undergoing drug tests of any kind, as the compounds in Delta-8 are not differentiated from Delta-9 in most current drug tests.
  • Delta-8 may affect blood pressure, heart rate, and ocular pressure in some users, or if you have a history of heart issues, blood pressure, eye pressure, or any related and similar conditions, please do not use this product unless advised to do so by a doctor.
  • Our product is derived from federally legal hemp and is 2018 Farm Bill Compliant as it contains less <0.3 Delta-9 THC. State laws and regulations may vary, so please be sure to check your local rules before purchasing, as BudVault is not responsible for knowing whether or not Delta-8 is legal in your specific territory or state. By ordering this product you assume full responsibility for complying with your local laws regarding any purchase you make.
  • While Our Delta-8 Hemp Flower contains less than 0.3% Delta-9, ingesting Delta-8 THC may be intoxicating to some individuals. Do not drive or operate any machinery while using this product.
  • Store in a cool, dry place.

10 reviews for Northern Legend

  1. F.G.

    I really enjoyed Northern Legend! Working from home has been a bit stressful but this strain has really helped me become calm and makes me get through work smoothly.

  2. Anthony J.

    I’m in love with the smell of this bud and I’m impressed at how it helps me get through the day with ease.

  3. Matt

    Awesome deals with great results!

  4. Leslie B

    This strain is great across the board. The quality is unmatched, the way it smells, looks, makes me feel and the taste as well, great pricing too! I definitely will be ordering more and have signed up for more deals in the future.

  5. Bradley

    Love this strain. Makes me feel good.

  6. mb

    Northern Legend definitely hits the spot. I hope budvault keeps it coming with these awesome buds. My fav part is opening up my package and taking that first smell and puff. Something good to look after work.

  7. Daniel S

    BudVault delivers quality buds at a great price especially Northern Legend, I am impressed. Thank you!

  8. Lenny

    This nug is perfect for the daytime, it lifts my mood and energizes me through the day.

  9. Joseph

    This is by far my favorite strain out of all of them.

  10. Joe

    After you purchase the miracle alien cookies get the northern light for the free big 4. These two are everything said in description very satisfied!

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